Last Words: Adrian Lopez

Last fight you were in: It was in eighth grade; I won with one punch.

Last movie you went to see: The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio. It was all right.

Last car crash you were in: My friend Jon backed into my friend’s car about two weeks ago.

Last time you were sad: Getting no photos on shoots makes me sad, so that’s every weekend.

Last time you went to church: Probably six or seven years ago.

Last person you skated with: Matt Mumford in Australia.

Last video you rented: Friday.

Last skate video you watched: I watched Thrashin’ at Bricket’s house the other day.

Last person you talked to on the phone: I talked to my friend Anita five minutes ago.

Last time you smoked a cigarette: Three weeks ago.

Last food you ate: Some Thai shit.

Last song you listened to: “Bro Hymn” by Pennywise.

Last trick you landed: A boardslide down a seven-stair.

Last video part that stoked you out: Donny Barley in the Element world tour video.

Last good tip someone gave you: My friends are always telling me how good I have it. That makes me want to work hard so that it will last.

Last time you were homesick: Right now.

Last time someone gave you a break: My whole life is one big break.

Last car you bought: An Isuzu Rodeo.

Last magazine you read: Thrasher, skater-of-the-year issue.

Last book you read: Home Alone was the last book I finished.

Last time you wanted to hit someone: A security guard today. All the security guards in Australia.

Last time you saw God: On one of Jamie Thomas’ T-shirts.

Last board you set up: My Zero board.

Last time you broke a board: Two years ago.

Last time you said last time: Reading the last question.

Last piece of clothing you bought: A pair of Levi’s 517s.

Last tour you went on: Zero in Japan.

Last instrument you played: Drums.

Last photo shoot you went on: Today with Skin. I didn’t get shit.

Last good am you saw skate: Train Wreck.

Last famous person you saw: I sat next to Rob Machado on the flight to Australia.

Last time you voted: TransWorld Awards.

Last bad trend you were involved with: I’m unintentionally involved in one right now¿I spike my hair, but I’m definitely not trying to get on the punk wagon.

Last time you wanted to give up being a pro: Every time I don’t come through, so that’s every weekend. Ask Atiba, he’ll tell you.

Last pro who motivated you: Matt Mumford. He’s the perfect example of a pro.

Last time you sang karaoke: Every morning in my house.

Last time you puked: Two weeks ago, during a rough night at the pad.

Last job you had before you were pro: I worked at Bruegger’s Bagels when I was sixteen.

Last job in the world you want: The dude who cleans the mess out of porno booths.

Last time you gave money to a beggar: I always try to help out when I can.

Last good tip someone gave you: Life is short, don’t waste it.