Last Words Brandon Biebel

Last person you took out in basketball: Can’t remember. Line ’em up–you’ll get dunked on.

Last book you read: Who Moved My Cheese?

Last album you listened to: Jay-Z, Unplugged.

Last country you visited: Spain.

Last time you cried: Not happening.

Last piece of clothing you bought: Leather coat.

Last time you were in a car accident: Girl barge trip. Smythe almost killed us.

Last food you ate: Cheeseburger from the Foreman grill.

Last dream you had: Don’t dream, or at least never remember.

Last TV show you watched: Blind Date, ElimiDate, NBA League Pass.

Last team sport you played: Basketball–come an’ get me.

Last time you were confused: Every day I wake up.

Last time you felt inspired: Every Sacramento Kings game.

Last time you got into a fight: Encinitas, California. Don’t start none, won’t be none–dude got knocked the f–k out.

Last park you skated: Woodland–the best skatepark in the world.

Last magazine you read: Maxim.

Last person you talked to on the telephone: My dog Richard Angelides. If you didn’t know already, he’s the best skateboarder in the world.

Last time you were in the hospital: Two years ago–some ribs.

Last car you bought: Acura Integra.

Last skate video you watched: Virtual Reality.

Last time you went to the cinema: Don’t do movies.

Last contest you entered: Don’t do those, either.

Last photo shoot you went on: Pete Thompson shot the one in the top left corner.

Last song you listened to: Fabolous, “Holla Back Young’n’’ Woo-woo.

Last time you were betrayed: I don’t understand this question, but to all the Laker fans: you all f–king suck.

Last poster pinned to your bedroom wall: C. Webb.

Last time you thought about going to war: Never.

Last photo session you went on: Some stairs with Paul Rodriguez. Doubles back-to-back. What?

Last time you got a ticket: Two speeding tickets this year.

Last pair of shoes you bought: Nike Air Max Limited Edition.


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