Last Words: Carl Shipman

P>Last trick you landed:

A 360 flip.

Last time you went to the cinema:

To see Dangerous Minds. That was almost three years ago.

Last video you rented:

Truth Or Consequences.

Last TV show you watched:

Blind Date.

Last time you left the country:

Last May, when I went to Europe on the DC Super Tour.

Last radio station you listened to:

Galaxy 105.

Last album you bought:

Alanis Morrisette, Jagged Little Pill.

Last dream you had:

I won 25-million on the lottery.

Last person you skated with:

My brother Lee.

Last football English for soccer match you attended:

I went to watch some local Sunday league games with my brother about nine months ago.

Last book you read:

I read a book about the mafia. That was about a year ago.

Last magazine you read:

The color supplement with the Sunday paper.

Last car you bought:

A Ford Fiesta SI–my current car.

Last time you were in a fight:

I suffered from road rage just the other day, but we didn’t end up fighting.

Last instrument you played:

Jake’s keyboard. I’m not very musical, at all.

Last time you got a ticket:

I got caught driving in a bus lane down in London with six points on my license and was fined 500 quid roughly 800 U.S. dollars. My insurance had ended, and I nearly got sent to jail.

Last time you were injured:

About two months ago, I tore a bunch of ligaments in my knee.

Last skate video you watched:

The last TransWorld video Transmission 7.

Last item of clothing you bought:

A pair of boots.

Last board setup you had:

My New Deal model, Independent trucks, and 54-millimeter New Deal wheels.

Last thing that changed your life:

My new baby boy Elliot being born.

Last time you were in court:

Last month, paying fines on outstanding car tickets.

Last thing you ate:

A bowl of corn flakes.