Last Words: Danny Way

Last time you thought you were going to die:

Last time I flew.

Last magazine you read:

Boat Trader.

Last trick you filmed:

Varial rodeo.

Last time you felt out of place:

Any time I go out in public.

Last time you left the country:

One month ago.

Last time you got punched in the face:

Last night by my girlfriend.

Last video game you played:

Dope Wars (Palm Pilot).

Last time you gave money away:

Today to Hosoi. $1,000.00.

Last time you were arrested:

It’s been a couple years now.

Last time you felt perfectly healthy:

About two years ago.

Last meal you ate:


Last time you skated street:

Two weeks ago on the Hawk Tour.

Last time you were inspired:

I bought a boat today, so I’m inspired to fish.

Last time you felt uncomfortable:

Last time I went to Hillcrest.

Last time you got ripped off:

I won’t mention any names.

Last time you went to the hospital:

Last week¿knee surgery.

Last time you thought about giving up being pro:

Every time I get hurt.

Last thing that changed your life:

My son Ryden.

Last time you failed:

You never fail when you try your hardest.

Last car you bought:

Ford F250 4×4.

Last contest you entered:


Last good advice someone gave you:

“Don’t stand near the boat radar, it causes cancer and makes you sterile.”

Last time you were prescribed drugs:

Last week.

Last movie you saw:

American Beauty.

Last CD you bought:

Ozzy. Replaced a scratched Blizzard of Ozz.

Last time you wished you were dead:

I don’t want to die.

Last time you put on a tuxedo:

Can’t remember.

Last time you fired a gun:

Six months ago.

Last time you felt perfectly comfortable:

Last time I slept without a two year old jumping on me.

Last time you gave up:

I try not to.