Last Words – Devine Calloway

Last Fast Food:
T-Bell-two soft tacos and a Double Decker… yummy.

Last Place You Never Want To Go Back To:
The world is my playground. I could play in the same spot all day and never get tired of it.

Last Hubba Ad You Were Psyched On:
The one with the girl lickin’ the cherry and whipped cream off my wheel.

Last Chocolate Treat:
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and a Klondike Bar-oh, that’s the business right there.

Last Smile:
As long as I’m livin’ life, I’ll always be smilin’.

Last Pissed Off Moment:
It doesn’t happen too often, but last time I was in Ohio I woke up and didn’t have any coffee and I love fresh coffee in the mornin’-it helps get my day on track. Listen to Devine The Dude and you’ll know what I’m talkin’ about.

Last 360 Shove-It:
Ummm, sh-t man. To be honest I haven’t done one in a while, so hold up real quick… Yep, still got it. First try-holla at yo’ dawg.

Last Filming Mission:
Last weekend.

Last Gamble:
Every day.

Last New Era:
Chocolate fitted-thanks, Sam.

Last Awkward Moment:
Every time I look in the mirror.

Last Time You Missed Your Dreads:
Every time I see a Bob Marley pic.

Last Couch You Crashed On:
At my homey Nick’s on my birthday-sorry about that fresh laundry, dawg.

Last Gadget You Bought:
Cadillac CTS ’06-that’s my new favorite gadget right now. Sh-t’s tight, son!

Last Girl To Comment On Your Eyes:
What can I say, dawg? It’s an everyday occurrence-thanks, ladies.

Last Stupid Question Someone Asked You:
Can you sign my armpit?

Last Time You Felt Famous:
Vancouver-the Greenbrier hotel. Yeah, boyeee.

Last Girl/Chocolate Family Words Of Advice:
Keep your head and keep doin’ what you love. Oh, and the
SP crew would like to share some words of wisdom too: Bret, Skeet, meow, yadda, dig.