Last Words – Donny Barley

Last Hill You Bombed:
I bomb the hill to the coffee shop on my Krypto board daily.

Last Time You Missed The West Coast:
Not since it was cold.

Last Barley Grind:
Lyon, France in late July.

Last Meal:
Spaghetti and meatballs.

Last Close Call While Skating Through Traffic:
Last week in NYC.

Last Shaved Head:
A month ago.

Last Time You Practiced Martial Arts:
It’s been over a year since I took a class.

Last Time You Picked Up A Bible:
A few days ago at a hotel.

Last History Channel Episode You Were Psyched On:
They had a three-hour special about the Roman Empire, and it was really amazing.

Last Read:
The free real-estate paper at the grocery store.

Last Injury:
Cracked three ribs last November-I still feel discomfort from it.

Last Line You Filmed:
I was filming Brandon Westgate, Matt Miller, and Ron Daily yesterday. My angles came out solid for not being much of a filmer.

Last Sketchy Person You Ran Into On Tour:
This guy from Paris who followed us around one day. He was nice but very strange, and I’d never met him, so I didn’t trust him. I forget his name, but he was a pro at lurking.

Last Time You Hated The Winter:
Every year I spend on the East Coast; I have days when I hate it. But I also have days when I love it.

Last Inspiration:
I just came back from a photo shoot in NYC with the whole Zoo team. I got to see everyone, and it was very inspiring to skate with the team.

Last Movie You Gave Two Thumbs Up:
Hmmm… The first one to come to mind is Lord Of War with Nicolas Cage.

Last Lie Someone Told You: Seamus Zoo York team manager said my box of product was going to be here today. The UPS man just drove right past.

Last Nightmare: A few days back, I had a dream our country got invaded and we all had to fight.

Last Time You Thought About Life Without A Skateboard:
Right now. No thanks!

Last Skate Session You Wished Never Ended:
When I was in NYC with the Zoo crew.