Last Words Emmanuel Guzman

Last Time You Threw A Punch
Chris Cudlipp and I had to help persuade some dude to shut up at the Asti in Santa Cruz.

Last Time You Threw On A Flannel
Couple days ago.

Last Time You Wore Ben Davis
Been a while actually. Ive been wearin Dickiesstill down with Bens, though.

Last Time You Were Ready To Die
Not ready to die or Id be dead.

Last Hospital Visit
It was a home visit in Nicaragua. Chicos uncle hooked me up fat! I split my forearm open and his uncle fixed it up and didnt charge me anything. He wouldnt let me watch, though. Hospitals are sketchy there. Big ups Chico and Uncle!

Last Cell Phone Conversation
On one right now. Before this, it had been over a month.

Last Time You Did It For The East Side
Every day I wake up.

Last Lets Do This Filming Mission

Last Time You Sung A Song About Momma
All the time. Ill always sing for my momma.

Last Derby Park Session
Been too long.

Last Web Site You Visited, last nightRussian Soccer Hooligans fights, skateboarders beating some dude up with their boards, and Kimbo fights.

Last Time You Freely Rapped With An Audience
In Australia. Did it up gangster on the air mic in some jock bar.

Last Guilt
Yesterday I ate like six meals or somethingate so much food. I hope I dont have a tapeworm.

Last Thing You Missed About Santa Cruz While On The Road
Family and friends.

Last Song You Turned Up The Volume For
YesterdaySlayer, South Of Heaven.

Last Video Part You Watched Over And Over Again
Cash Money Vagrant.

Last Time You Got Fired
You cant fire me. I quit!