Last Words: Jamie Thomas

Last book you read:

The Bible. I haven’t read the whole thing, yet.

Last foreign country you traveled to:

Canada, does that count? If not, Japan.

Last trick you learned:

Fingerflip benihana frontside crooked grind.

Last magazine you bought:

An old Skateboarder for full price at Street Machine. They might have even overcharged me.

Last award you received:

The video-part award.

Last time you lost something:

I lost my credit card about a month ago.

Last TV program you watched:

That show Jackass on MTV.

Last meal you ate:

Japanese food.

Last movie you saw:

Remember The Titans.

Last time you lost consciousness:


Last time you vomited:

Painkillers after surgery.

Last time you thought you were going to die:

On a flight to Guatemala, the plane dropped 40 feet. When we tried to land, we couldn’t because a volcano had erupted, so we had to land in Ecuador. It was sketchy.

Last time you felt out of place:

At the last contest I went to.

Last time you had your Miranda rights read to you:

In ’96 The Mule and I got arrested for trespassing¿skateboarding¿in Arizona.

Last person you skated with:

Trainwreck, Bobier, and Lopes.

Last time you went to church:

A week and a day ago.

Last music you bought:

Rush, 2112.

Last injury you sustained:

I had knee surgery a few months ago.

Last time you felt truly happy:

Young Life Skate Camp.

Last time you felt betrayed:

I can’t remember.

Last time you felt afraid:

Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Last time you failed:

Every day I fail to be on time.

Last time you made a sponsor-me video:

In ’95, to get on Shorty’s hardware. I got on, then quit two months later. It became a board company.

Last time you were homeless:

In ’92 for about three or four months, and for a couple of weeks in ’93.

Last time you spoke in public:

About two months ago at a Christian demo¿I rambled on.

Last time you were embarrassed:

Right after I spoke.

Last time you felt cheated:

When I got my last cell-phone bill. It was over a grand.

Last time you took a vacation:

Last week was my first vacation without skateboarding. My wife and I went to New York.

Last photo you shot:

The portrait for this Last Words.

Last time you ate meat:

A long time ago. My doctor is telling me I have to start or I’m in bad shape.

Last thing you procrastinated about:

Fan mail. Sorry!

Last time you felt envious of someone:

The people who won gold medals in the Olympics.

Last time you signed an autograph:


Last time you panicked:

One hour before the Misled Youth premiere.

Last serious miscalculation you made:

Leap of Faith¿I went too slow.

Last time you felt loved:

When my mom told me so on the answering machine.