Last Words: Jason Dill

Last time you envied someone:

What does envied mean, exactly?

Last video you rented:

Tron from the Ty Evans video store.

Last time you went to the movies:

To see a big-wave surfing documentary in S.F. a couple months ago.

Last CD you bought:

Radiohead Running From Demons/No Surprises. It’s a Japanese import.

Last time you wished you were dead:

Never have.

Last song you listened to:

“Palo Alto.”

Last meal you ate:

A turkey French dip with Swiss, fries, iced tea without lemon from Canter’s Delicatessen.

Last trick you landed:

Good question.

Last time you were inspired:

Daily inspiration from the people at Alien Workshop.

Last meal you skipped:

Breakfast. I’m usually not up then.

Last book you read:

The Journey Is The Destination by Dan Eldon.

Last time you broke the law:

March 23, 1999, skating at Caesar’s Palace. Fled the scene of the crime into the casino, boardless.

Last country you visited:


Last time you felt out of place:

Always at restaurants alone, especially out of state.

Last fight you were in:

Years ago.

Last video game you played:

Crusin’ U.S.A., the arcade version.

Last time you gave money away:

Left a good tip at dinner last night.

Last time you were arrested:

Youngstown, Arizona, August, 1998.

Last time you stole:

I’m not a good thief.

Last time you apologized:

To a girl, today.

Last time you got ripped off:

I probably did it to myself.

Last time you were hurt:

One week ago in Phoenix, putting some hot lights in the van. I burnt the shit out of my right forearm.

Last thing that changed your life:

Alex is the answer.

Last piece of clothing you bought:

Diesel denim.

Last time you were prescribed drugs:

June 1996 in Canada. Antibiotics for tonsillitis.

Last time you went to church:

I used to go with my mom. I can’t remember the last time, though.

Last time you put on a suit:

A tux I rented for 120 dollars at my brother Chris’ wedding, well over a year ago. It was nice.

Last time you felt perfectly comfortable:

I feel comfortably numb, daily.