Last Words: Jason Jesse

Last fight you were in:

The fight to answer these questions.

Last movie you went to see:

I just can’t remember. Just too many things that confuse me.

Last car crash you were in:

I crash every day one way or another.

Last time you lost a bet:

There is no “last time” I lost. I always lose.

Last time you were sad:

A lot of men lead quiet lives of desperation.

Last time you cried laughing:

I was in the shower, and no one could tell.

Last time you went to church:

Oh my guilt, I can’t believe you just said that. I’m going next week.

Last person you skated with:

I hope not. Death comes ripping.

Last video you rented:

Not sure.

Last skate video you watched:

Blind Video Days.

Last person you talked to on the phone:

Just a whole lot of talk. You should see me on the phone, it’s awesome.

Last time you smoked a cigarette:

Why? Are you looking at my teeth, again?

Last prank you played:

Who wants to know? Are you a cop?

Last song you listened to:

I don’t listen, I just look at the pictures.

Last time you were in a fight:

Like, what do you mean? I’m fighting for air, I feel so crowded.

Last video part that stoked you out:

Smut Peddler, Christian Fletcher.

Last trick you landed:

It was a while back¿I flew with the Blue Angels; we landed on an aircraft carrier.

Last good tip someone gave you:

Don’t get jaded, on the third time I was burned by the same guy.

Last time you were homesick:

Last week. I got sick and stayed home.

Last time someone gave you a break:

I think it was Caltrans; I gave them a break stand.

Last car you bought:

I don’t buy, I’m into trading.

Last magazine you read:

National Geographic.

Last time you were in the hospital:

No last time, always.

Last book you read:

In Retrospect: The tragedy and lessons of Vietnam by Robert S. McNamara.

Last time you wanted to hit someone:

I don’t hit, I slap and spank.

Last time you saw God:

I’m in this life to review.

Last board you set up:

A Per Holknekt¿or I think it was a Don Brown¿two days ago.

Last time you broke a board:

Yesterday. My Ray Meyer.

Last time you said, “This is the last time”:

Just a minute ago. I looked in the mirror. Hopefully that’s the last time.

Last piece of clothing you bought:

Socks. Wear them once, and throw them away. I don’t let quitters ruin my day anymore.

Last tour you went on:

The Us Festival.

Last musical instrument you played:

The beautiful mountain majesty. It was beautiful. Johnny Mathis.

Last photo shoot you went on:

Gloria Vanderbilt and Shumidifier.

Last good am you saw skate:

I can’t remember his name¿he was wearing Dittos.

Last time you had a haircut:

What? Like a brand-new haircut on my head?

Last famous person you saw:

I can’t think of his name. He was just gushing. I was in awe.

Last time you voted:

No hope gives me guts. D. Boon.

Last bad trend you were involved in:

I try to be consistent and avoid the ninnies and the twits.

Last song you listened to:

“Shoot That Poison Arrow” by A.B.C.

Last thing you bought at a yard sale:

A Marlin 30-30, and a 12-gauge shotgun for $30, and some double-0 buck 12-gauge shells. I love the 12-gauge.

Last time you took a photo:

I’m snap happy.

Last time you wanted to give up being pro:

Never. I love my exposure on ESPN, CBS, ABC, Nickelodeon, MTV, VH1, et cetera.

Last pro who motivated you:

In order: Gator, Jeff Phillips, Christian Hosoi.

Last time you sang karaoke:

I’ll leave that to Kevin Marks. I heard he owns one¿he’s probably really good at it. I’d like to try it, but I think I would feel far.

Last job you had before being pro:

A butcher man, or maybe just life always answering to someone.

Last job in the world you would want:

All of them. Answer to no one. Starve.

Last good tip you gave to someone:

I told a police officer to slow it down. It mightt’ve saved his life.

Last time you went on a road trip:

Went to Or.

Last tattoo you got:

If you can read this, I love you.

Last time you talked to Neil Blender:

I love him.

Last time you experienced a first time:

Don’t bring this up, please.

Last bike you renovated:

Two worst things in life: Number one, reaching your goals. Number two, not reaching your goals.