Last Words: John Cardiel

Last video you rented: Tron.

Last movie you went to see: Gladiator.

Last song you listened to: “Hard Nut To Crack” by Garnett Silk.

Last album you bought: Rise by Jr. Kelly.

Last country you visited: England.

Last time you skated with Julien Stranger: Yesterday at Strawberry Pool with Joey and Emerson.

Last book you read: Soldados: Chicanos in Vietnam.

Last time you broke the law: Today, I ran a red light.

Last time you got busted: Today, skating with Pedrick.

Last time you slammed: Today.

Last time you golfed: Three days ago.

Last good tip someone gave you: “Have patience.”

Last time you said sorry: Today, when trying to shoot photos.

Last time you stole: It’s been a while.

Last time you played pool: Two weeks ago with Tony Trujillo.

Last piece of clothing you bought: Some socks at Big 5 Sporting Goods.

Last time you got ripped off: October 15, 1999.

Last time you said “last time”: Couple more times, if you know what I mean.

Last good park you skated: Rocklin, two days ago.

Last contest you entered: Urban Games, Clapham, England, ten days ago.

Last bone you broke: My left pinky toe.

Last gun you bought: A 22-caliber Smith & Wesson semi-auto.

Last meal you ate: Tuna sandwich with baked beans.

Last TV show you watched: The news.

Last board you set up: An Anti-Hero Eagle.

Last time you were arrested: Years ago in San Francisco.

Last magazine you read: Street Star.

Last magazine you bought: Guns & Weapons For Law Enforcement.

Last time you went to church: Last October.

Last dream you had: Holy Emanuel, I Jah Rastafari.