Last Words : Josh Kalis

Last time you were inspired:

Every time I hear my daughter.

Last place you skated:

Love Park.

Last time you were arrested:

I really don’t like to remember those times.

Last CD you bought:

Soundbombing Part II.

Last movie you rented:

The Siege.

Last movie you saw in the theater:

Star Wars, Episode 1.

Last time you got mad:

When my cat pissed on my couch.

Last time you fought someone:

Two weeks ago, I kicked Gee’s ass for missin’ a photo.

Last trick you landed:

A pole jam. Wait, it was a wallie … no I dropped in on something.

Last thing that changed your life:

Having a child.

Last time you were hurt:

When I heard another skater passed away.

Last thing you bought for your car:

Nitris, supercharger, and in-dash TV with DVD.

Last time you broke the law:

Every day I skate Love.

Last time you felt out of place:

Goin’ to Tower Records and buying a porno on DVD.

Last DVD movie you bought:


Last time you stole:

When I was young, I stole a quarter from my dad.

Last song you listened to:

Something by Big L–R.I.P.

Last book you read:

Maybe a Hardy Boys mystery when I was five.

Last time you traveled:

I travel pretty much every day.

Last meal you ate:

I haven’t ate … I’m starvin’!

Last time you gave money away:

Every day at Love to help the DGK crew get a blunt.

Last time you felt ripped off:

Buying a porno at Tower for 35 bucks.

Last country you visited:


Last time you felt perfectly comfortable:

Laying in bed with my girl and my daughter.