Last Words – Kenny Anderson

Last show you attended: Björk.

Last time you breakdanced: Björk afterparty.

Last person you ate breakfast with: My mom.

Last vehicle you bought: Schwinn.

Last time you hated something: Hate is a strong word.

Last night on the town: Boston—Björk.

Last words of inspiration you heard: “Don’t put off for tomorrow something you can do today.”

Last time you wore a tie: Joe Maguire’s wedding.

Last book you read: Lennon Remembers.

Last album you listened to: Bob Dylan, The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan.

Last time you thought you were going to die: Driving the Chocolate van through mountain hills with fog, rain, and broken windshield wipers at 3:00 a.m. with five hours of sleep the night


Last record you bought: Kraftwerk—Tour De France.

Last country you visited: Germany.

Last time you cried: My wedding.

Last piece of clothing you bought: Thrift-store button-up.

Last time that you were in a car accident: Dunes’ implosion ’93, Vegas—fender bender.

Last food you ate: Sushi.

Last promise you made to yourself: Never make promises to myself.

Last dream you had: I was flying—aren’t those awesome?

Last TV show you watched: 60 Minutes.

Last team sport you played: Wiffle Ball.

Last time that you were confused: Talking to Spike Jonze.

Last time you felt inspired: Talking to Spike.

Last good park you skated: 3rd Lair—Minneapolis.

Last time you got into a fight: Milwaukee—I knocked out Lee Dupont.

Last person you talked to on the telephone: Reda.

Last time you were in the hospital: Three months ago—broken thumb.

Last thing you lost: My iPod.

Last setup you put together: Marc Johnson, Indys, Quattro 50 mm, FKD ABEC 7.

Last skate video you watched: 411, Around The World 2.

Last time you witnessed anarchy: Real anarchy—Colombia.

Last time you went to the cinema: Hot Chocolate Tour, NYC—Gator movie.

Last contest you entered: “Win Your Dream Home Raffle”—I didn’t win.

Last magazine you read: Paper.

Last time you got ripped off: The raffle.

Last song you listened to: “I Walk The Line”—Johnny Cash, R.I.P.

Last poster pinned to your bedroom wall: Karate striking points.

Last Web site you visited: Crailtap.

Last tattoo you got: “Chocolate” on my neck.

Last time you got a ticket: Seven months ago—illegal U-turn.

Last video part you were stoked on: Gino Iannucci—Yeah Right!

Last thing that made you laugh: My wife.

Last time something changed your life: My mom’s book she wrote.

Last time you lied: The last tattoo question and the last fight



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