Last Words: Lance Mountain

Last time you envied someone:

I think I envy Cab.

Last movie you saw:

Jason Lee’s movie.

Last CD you bought:

I bought this CD by a band I collect. It was about eight dollars. I was happy. I put it in my CD player and the songs sounded weird. I looked at the cover closely and found it to be a tribute to the band. I’m the worst music buyer.

Last time you skated with your son:

The other day.

Last song you listened to:

Jimmy Pursey “Lucky Man.”

Last time you woke up not knowing where you were:

Where are we?

Last time you vomited:

Two weeks ago, when I had the measles.

Last time you wished you were somewhere else:

When I was lying on the kitchen floor in a puddle of sweat, freezing and vomiting two weeks ago when I had the measles.

Last time you thought you were going to die:

When my wife and her friend Dr. Felicia Garcia told me people have died from this, when I was lying on the kitchen floor in a puddle of sweat, freezing and vomiting two weeks ago when I had the measles.

Last magazine you subscribed to:

Skateboarder in 1978.

Last time you were nervous:

I think I get nervous at contests now. I never did before.

Last foreign country you visited:

German measles.

Last piece of art you created:

I did a shirt graphic today called “Die Trying.” Is that art or a product?

Last time you felt out of place:

My hip felt a bit out of place after slamming at Marseille.

Last fight you got in:

I think Micke Reyes is keeping track of that.

Last video game you played:


Last time you were arrested:

Haven’t been.

Last photo shoot you went on:

Let me clear the cobwebs from my brain … just wait, I’ll remember …

Last meal you ate:

Just had my sack lunch Yvette made for me. It’s 6:45 at night.

Last trick you learned:

I’m close to landing one of those K-grind things on a bigger-than-average curb. Oh, and of course, the Loop Fandangle.

Last time you were inspired:

Just any time I see good skateboarding. That’s what inspires me.

Last article of clothing you bought:

A Lambretta shirt.

Last time you felt patriotic:

When I saw Saving Private Ryan.

Last time you apologized:


Last time you got ripped off:

I’m not sure, but my son is ripping off his sleeves now, just like everyone else.

Last time you got injured:

Broke my toe two weeks ago when I had the measles.

Last skate video you watched:

I just watched the Wide World Of Sports contest from 1965.

Last car you bought:

Ford van.

Last time you were proud of yourself:

“Look man, I can practically make a board tack.”¿T.A. Skateboard

Last time you talked to Stacy Peralta:

A month ago at the Dogtown filming.

Last thing that changed your life:

I just moved after living on the same street for 36 years.

Last time you failed:

Who’s grading this test? I hope I pass it.

Last good tip someone gave you:

Bend down before you ollie.

Last time you went to the library:

The world is my library¿this means, “I can’t read.”

Last time you took prescription drugs:


Last time you played a “team sport”:

At the trade show last weekend.

Last time you felt discouraged about the skateboard industry:

Skateboarding is what’s good. The industry is for those who can’t get a better job.

Last time you felt totally confused:

When I was reading over my answers.

Last time you said “this is the last time”:

This is the last time.