Last Words: Marc Johnson

Last video you rented:


Last time you went to the cinema:

Last week in Arkansas. I saw Life Is Beautiful.

Last CD you bought:

Joy Ride by Stanley Turrentine.

Last time you were sick:

We are all sick in some way.

Last song you listened to:

“All Cats Are Grey” by The Cure.

Last meal you ate:

Banana sandwich on whole-grain bread soaked in Rice Dream.

Last trick you landed:

Wake-up to OOPS! … fakie!

Last board you set up:

The one I’m riding now.

Last time you were inspired:

Yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that, and the day before that …

Last book you read:

Way Of The Peaceful Warrior.

Last time you broke the law:

I get paid to break the law, right?

Last magazine you read:

I just actually look at the pictures and try to feel it, man.

Last country you visited:

This weird place near America called California. Now I’m stuck.

Last time you were in a fight:

Every day I fight with myself.

Last time you walked away from someone:

January 7, 1999. I walked away from the old man.

Last video game you played:


Last pinball game you played:

Can’t remember.

Last time you gave away money:

Last week in Arkansas.

Last time you were arrested:

October 25, 1998.

Last photo shoot you went on:

It’s been years since those.

Last time you stole something:

I stole a robe from some hotel in Europe, but I lost it. Ain’t karma a bitch.

Last time you said sorry:

To the customer-service guy I ordered my computer from.

Last skate video you watched:

Tin Can Folklore.

Last time you got ripped off:

Price is a relative idea, so “getting ripped off” is a relative term.

Last time you got hurt:

When TransWorld didn’t run a sequence of me that was shot for the Photo Issue. I’m happy now, though.

Last time you thought about giving up being pro:

Every day.

Last thing that changed your life:

The realization that letting go is the hardest and most beautiful thing a person can do.

Last piece of clothing you bought:

A thrift-store button-down shirt.

Last good tip someone gave you:

Someone said to me, “Hey man, don’t eat yellow snow.”

Last time you were hungover:

After the alleged Jon Klein interview in late January.

Last time you didn’t watch a film all the way through:

It took years before I made it through Jacob’s Ladder.

Last photograph you took:

Of the American flag in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Last dream you had:

Last night I dreamt I couldn’t find my way to any classes in high school, and Cynthia Whitefield hated me for some reason.

Last time you went to the library:

I wanted to ollie over something at the Mountain View Library and found all these really old books in a bag. I took them home and gave one away for Christmas.

Last time you suffered from road rage:

I don’t drive anymore.

Last gig you went to:

Brokeback in San Francisco.

Last time you fell in love:

Five weeks ago.

Last thing you bought at 7-Eleven:

Nothing at all.