Last Words-Mark Gonzales

Last trick you landed: I’m concentrating on not doing tricks.

Last thing you bought at a store: Groceries.

Last movie you went to see: Logan’s Run.

Last video you rented: A French movie you haven’t heard of.

Last magazine you read: Cat Fancy.

Last book you read: I’m not intellectual.

Last photo you saw that you were stoked on: The mudslides in Nicaragua.

Last time you left the country: 2002. I had to escape persecution by the religious right.

Last famous person you shook hands with: I’m not saying.

Last person you skated with: Warren Sapp.

Last art show you went to: Human existence itself is an art show. Every day that I’m out and about I’m amazed.

Last time you saw a fight: Bad question.

Last time you were in a fight. Questions and answers are a form of fighting.

Last park you skated: Looters Park.

Last thing you lost: Your number.

Last time you were in pain: I don’t feel pain.

Last time you felt joy: Last Christmas.

Last TV show you watched: Welcome Back, Kotter.

Last time you felt inspired: Two days ago.

Last place on Earth you want to be: In the chamber of a gun.

Last album you bought: Talking Heads Fear Of Music.

Last song you listened to: “Is That All There Is” by Peggy Lee.

Last thing you want to say: Illiteracy reigns supreme.