Last Words: Pat Duffy

Last Words: Pat Duffy

Last time you skated a handrail in the rain:

Last week.

Last time you felt important:


Last time you felt insignificant:


Last time you wanted to give up being pro:

The last time I skated.

Last time you watched the Plan B Questionable Video:

A while ago.

Last time you listenend to Primus:

I saw them play last Friday in Anaheim.

Last video game you played:

Golden Tee ’98 golf.

Last spot you skated:

Frankfurt, Germany.

Last trick you landed:


Last CD you bought:

Squarepusher, Selection Sixteen.

Last dream you had:

I crashed Danny Way’s old truck and got everyone thrown in jail.

Last video you rented:

Mystery Men.

Last song you listened to:

“Smack My Bitch Up.”

Last time you lied:

That will get you into trouble.

Last time you fell in love:

Last year¿drum ‘n’ bass

Last time you broke a board:

I broke two last weekend.

Last good time someone gave you:

Saturday night in Beilefeld, Germany.

Last time you were in a hospital:

I can’t remember¿knock on wood.

Last job you had before becoming pro:

Murphy’s Pizza.

Last road trip you went on:

Route 66.

Last magazine you read:

Masturbation And You.

Last skate video you watched:

The End.

Last time you felt ripped off:

Today. My CD got stolen in the airport last night.

Last time you fought someone:

Can’t remember.

Last place on Earth you’d travel to:

Sparks, Nevada.

Last time you broke the law:

I ran a red light this morning.

Last car you bought:


Last time you bombed a hill:

Right after the new year in Auckland, New Zealand.

Last time you slammed:

Bombing that hill.

Last time you modeled for a fashion shoot:

A while ago for Jeff Minton.

Last time you skated with one of your brothers:

Christmas Day.

Last time you felt like you wanted to get the f¿k home:

Right now!

Last time you ate some weird animal:

I ate some crocodile in Australia.

Last time you woke up in a strange place:

Three nights ago.