Last Words Ragdoll

Last person to call you Anthony: My lawyer leaving me a message on my phone. He said “dude” a lot, too.

Last time you felt cheated: Every time I have to buy shoes.

Last movie you made a friend watch: Brown Bunny in fast-forward to the good part.

Last video you wished you were in: I wish I was Vincent Gallo at the end of Brown Bunny.

Last non-skateboard-related sport you played: Throwing rocks at cars.

Last thing that got you stoked on living in Los Angeles: Definitely all the acting gigs, commercials, and extreme shit that gets thrown my way. That was sarcasm in print form.

Last thing you missed about Vegas: A game I invented called

“Who Can Out-Drink The Moon?” which means no last call.

Last car you crashed: I crashed into a car on Halloween and ate a bunch of Christmas lights.

Last rumor you heard about yourself: That I went from rags to riches and I’m dating Avril Lavigne. I only humped her, and that’s not dating.

Last time you were recognized off your board: Halloween in costume-does that make sense?

Last time you had doubts about the human race: When I hear the shit they play on the radio.

Last call, last night: Still going strong.

Last person who taught you a trick: Primo grind a handrail-Rodney Mullen.

Last person you taught a trick to: Kenny Anderson-backside tailslides.

Last time you danced: I’m not Patrick Melcher.

Last hill you bombed: In comparison to Slash and Belton, negative-four.

Last thought before trying any big trick: Live and destroy, motherf-ker.

Last purchase over $5,000: I don’t ride for Plan B. I bought a coffee one time.

Last thing you did before leaving the house today: Smoked a couple nails and did a Benihana.

Last time wearing handcuffs: Vegas at 7:00 a.m. on September 9. Thanks, F.B.I.

Last dream: Lots of girls, not a lot of clothes.

Last nightmare: F-k, just endless running. I hate running … and golf.

Last card game played: Fifty-two-card pickup.

Last empty promise you made: Promises are for suckers.

Last promise you kept: Tell it like it is.

Last roommate: Seventeen people at Hellrose for life.

Last time you broke a board: As I’m saying this shit.

Last thing you voted for: No to bush-not the President, but chicks’ downstairs hoo-haw goods.

Last hangover that wasn’t worth it: Hangovers are reminders of how good the night was-always worth it.

Last country you visited outside the U.S.: I haven’t even been to Denver-don’t get me started.

Last thing you bet money on: That Slash couldn’t eat a Big Mac in one bite. He did.

Last stitches you received: Forty-two in my leg from a bear bite … or a broken bottle-one of the two.

Last home where you slept on a couch: My home will always be a couch somewhere.

Last thing you wrote on your griptape: “Party The Baby Off.”

Last lyrics you rapped: I’m a rocker, dude. I don’t like rap. F-k that-Big L and Sadat X up as loud as it goes.

Last relative you spent Thanksgiving with: It’s been way too long.

Last person who owed you money: My f-king lawyer.

Last idea you had that seemed crazy later on: “Let’s smash this f-ker open and rock out with it.”

Last meal you cooked: Seagram’s 7 with a tropical 7-Up chaser.

Last thing you stole: Some Who dude’s guitar.

Last thing somebody stole from you: My freedom for a week because of the answer above.

Last animal you had as a pet: Kitty magnet forever. And now an Italian Greyhound named Bella.

Last trick you attempted on vert: Switch corkscrew with one elbow pad on.

Last video part’s hardest trick to make: Hippy jump up El Toro.

Last thing you would tell the world if it were ending tomorrow: Turn up The Icarus Line!