Last Words-Ricky Oyola

Last time you skated? Today, in my house.

Last time you went on tour? A little over two weeks ago-my first real tour.

Last time you played pool? Yesterday, at Tattoo Mom’s.

Last time you fought someone? Months ago, helping a friend.

Last thing you ate? Chicken shish kebob with fries and hummus.

Last movie you rented? I haven’t rented a movie in about three and a half years because I owe Blockbuster 50 bucks. The last video I rented was The Rainmaker.

Last book you read? Behold The Pale Horse.

Last time you went to the doctor? Almost two months ago.

Last time you dated a girl? The other day.

Last time you had a party? It wasn’t my party, but my roommate Roger held a graffiti/hip-hop party a couple months ago.

Last drink you had? Mountain Dew.

Last time you left the country? End of January 1997 to mid April 1997, to Australia.

Last time you were inspired? I’m inspired every day.

Last time you got in trouble with the law? Thirteen years ago, when I got caught stealing ten-cent candies from the supermarket.

Last trick you did? I grinded this trash can in my house.

Last place you want to be? In prison somewhere in a third-world country.

Last time you skated F.D.R. Park? A long time ago, but I rode my bike there recently.

Last time you changed your board? Last week.

Last music you bought? Fugazi, 13 Songs; Fleetwood Mac, Dances.

Last skate video you watched? An old classic Philly video we got goin’.

Last person you skated with? John Burke.

Last time you got hurt? I’ve been hurt as long as I can remember.

Last dream you had? It’s X-rated, so I’ll keep it to myself.

Last time you went to the movies? I saw As Good As It Gets three months ago.

Last thing you would want to do? Drop in on the Great Pyramid.

Last time you skated Love Park? I don’t know what Love Park is.

Last person you yelled at? The sloth in the Sub Zero video in 1994.

Last time you lied? Just then!

Last time you got ripped off? Tonight at this Middle Eastern place. I didn’t get my orange slices when I got my check.