Last Words: Ryan Bobier

Last time you envied someone:

I know, but I don’t think I’ll say.

Last video you rented:

Detroit Rock City¿it was sick. It made me want to listen to KISS.

Last time you wished you were dead:

At San Dieguito, I was supposed to grind the steep rail. I had a filmer and photographer there, and couldn’t make myself do it.

Last song you listened to:

“Dyer’s Eve,” Metallica.

Last three books you read:

Romeo and Juliet, Of Mice and Men, To Kill a Mockingbird.

Last movie you saw in the theater:

The Hurricane.

Last time you broke the law:

I drove my mom’s car.

Last magazine you subscribed to:


Last country you visited:

I don’t know … Hawai’i.

Last time you felt out of place:

Every day at school.

Last time you slammed:

About five minutes ago.

Last time you ate meat:

I ate chicken yesterday. I haven’t eaten red meat in years.

Last video game you played:

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. I was Elissa.

Last time you said “I love you”:


Last time you gave money away:

Last weekend, to my friend Tyler for his birthday.

Last time you were arrested:

I’ve never been. I almost got arrested while eating at Rico’s with my family, though.

Last trick you landed:

180 nosegrind.

Last time you were inspired:

Every time I watch Donny Barley skate.

Last time you stole:

Never … wait, I think I took some of Tyler’s pants last weekend.

Last time you apologized:

Last night, to my sister.

Last time you felt uncomfortable:

Right now.

Last time you got ripped off:

When my dad only gave me $1.00 for lunch.

Last time you got hurt:

Three or four months ago. I hurt my knee.

Last skate video you watched:

The Reason.

Last thing that changed your life:

Getting a skateboard.

Last piece of clothing you bought:

A pair of black Levi’s jeans.

Last time you entered skateboard contest:

Never have. I should probably start, though.

Last good tip someone gave you:

“Stop beating around the bush!” I get that from Jamie every day.

Last time you were prescribed drugs:

Two weeks ago, when I had a cold.

Last time you gave up:

When I tried to answer some of these questions.