Last Words – Steve Berra

P ALIGN=”CENTER”>Last Words: Steve Berra

Last video you rented: Cape Fear.

Last time you went to the cinema: Last night – Twin Falls Idaho.

Last film you worked on: 7-teen Sips.

Last script you wrote: 7-teen Sips.

Last CD you bought: Moby.

Last time you felt like a dad: I always have that feeling.

Last time you ate meat: Yesterday after five years – chicken salad.

Last time you wished you were dead: Trying to kickflip five-0 a handrail in Kansas with the Birdhouse team when filming The End. I got so embarrassed.

Last time you washed your hair: About two weeks ago. My “soon to be, by the time you read this” wife made me wash it.

Last time you acted like a total jerk: First day of the Adio East Coast tour.

Last time you got drunk: Never.

Last movie you walked out on: Twin Falls Idaho.

Last trick you landed: Ho-ho slides. Colin McKay taught me.

Last board you set up: Steve Berra with Orions and Birdhouse wheels.

Last book you read: 1984.

Last time you broke the law: Three weeks ago. Bam Magera and I took out a row of construction cones while filming my movie in a rental car.

Last magazine you read: TWS, the one with Jeremy Wray on the cover.

Last celebrities you hung out with: Jeremy Wray, Adrian Lopez, Cairo Foster, Jonas Wray, Jeff Taylor, Ty Evans, and Ed Selego.

Last country you visited: Germany.

Last time you hung out with surfers: I don’t think I’ve ever hung out with surfers. Wait, if TransWorld ad-guy Mike Mihaly counts, then it was two months ago.

Last photo shoot you went on: Swift-o, seven weeks ago, backside flipped those eleven steps.

Last time you said sorry: To Cairo Foster for getting in his way at our last demo. Tomorrow to Jeff Taylor for being a dick on tour yesterday.

Last person you skated with: Adio team, Love Park.

Last time you thought about giving up being pro: Yesterday.

Last thing that changed your life: Kissing Juliette for the first time.

Last good tip someone gave you:

It’s just a game, embrace it,” said by my wife.

Last dream you had: I only remember my dreams when I lay on my back, and I can’t remember the last time.

Last video part that stoked you out: Birdhouse’s The End, Reynolds. Koston in the Chocolate Tour.

Last car you bought: Volvo 850 7.5.

Last time you suffered road rage: Last time I was in L.A., four days ago.

Last person you asked to marry you: Juliette Lewis, the only person I’ve asked.

Last thing you bought at 7-Eleven: Gatorade, purple.

Last time you felt ripped off: On my movie.

Last time you fought someone: In my movie, an acid-crazed street urchin.