Last Words With Ed Templeton

Last music you bought: A Sonic Youth “Sunday” single.

Last time you ate meat: Probably some fast food in 1990.

Last trick you landed: A frontside bluntslide to fakie on the UCI seven-stair rail. I cut my shin open and went home.

Last book you read: Basic Guide To Black And White Photography by Henry Horenstien.

Last art show you went to: Expressionism in Austria–Schiele and Kokoschka Museum D’ixelles Brussels, Belgium.

Last car crash you were in: 1997 in Norway on tour. Our driver Rölf was speeding and rear-ended a lady.

Last time you were close to a nervous breakdown: During the editing of Jump Off A Building.

Last magazine you bought: A 1997 Photo magazine from a used bookstore for 50 cents. It had an article on Larry Clark in it.

Last painting you did: A small portrait of Deanna his wife on a piece of wood–clothed. My cat is in it, too.

Last time you lied: About twenty minutes ago, to not hurt someone’s feelings.

Last thing you ate: A salad with spinach, broccoli, and corn.

Last skate video you watched: Geoff Rowley showed me his profile that’s going in 411. Before that, I watched part of a Girl video in a skate shop.

Last time you were inspired: I get inspiration daily from countless sources. I saw Geoff’s griptape, it said F.S.U., and it inspired me to f–k shit up.

Last time you wanted to fight someone: I can’t remember ever wanting to fight someone. Fantasy maybe, but never want.

Last time you left the country: July 6, 1998.

Last time you got ripped off: In Switzerland, I paid 80 dollars for the smallest dinner ever recorded at a fancy vegetarian restaurant.

Last thing that changed your life: Two days ago, dealing with the intense emotional pain of a dying family member. It is the first time the sadness had cut close to me–the experience will change my life.

Last time you got a ticket: In June. A speeding ticket that got my license suspended. I can’t drive until February 1999.

Last piece of clothing you bought: Two pocket T-shirts from Target.

Last person you talked to on the phone: Jamie Thomas. He was telling me about the Shorty’s video. Oh, Deanna just called and said she’s coming home.

Last program you watched on TV: A documentary on Johnny Cash. I wish Mystery Science Theatre 3,000 was still on.

Last time you were scared shitless: I really can’t remember. You can say “shit” in TWS?

Last bone you broke: Officially, I’ve never broken one. But I may have broken my finger and not gotten it checked out.

Last time you saw God: I never saw the dude. I saw his image in paintings and statues in Europe, however.

Last time you played a musical instrument: I played my plastic flute yesterday. It cost one dollar.

Last person you skated with: Geoff Rowley, August 25, 1998, when I gashed my shin.