Last Words with Wade Burkitt

Last video you rented:

They Live.

Last time you went to the cinema:

7:15 p.m.

Last CD you bought:

War Of The Worlds.

Last vinyl you bought:

I don’t wear vinyl.

Last time you left L.A.:

9:20 p.m.

Last time you were sick:

9:30 ’til 9:35 p.m. Ill minded.

Last song you listened to:

Directions In Music, song two.

Last meal:

WeetaBix with beer and vegimite.

Last time you were inspired:

Around 10:00 p.m.

Last book you read:


Last time you broke the law:

10:05 p.m. No helmet.

Last magazine you read:

July 1973 National Geographic.

Last time you were in a fight:

Private hell-1:40 p.m.

Last time you walked away from someone:

When I turned from the mirror-12:01 a.m.

Last video game you played:

Zygote-no fertilized egg cell.

Last pinball game you played:

AC/DC-Highway To Hell.

Last time you gambled:

3:09 a.m., when dreams became reality.

Last fight you saw:

Society or insanity.

Last time you gave away money:

2:30-street entertainment.

Last time you were arrested:

3:10 a.m.-National Bank of Sydney.

Last photo shoot you went on:

3:16 a.m.-same location as above.

Last time you said sorry:

For the first time, I’m sorry.

Last skate video you watched:


Last thing that happened to you that changed your life:

Ross River Fever.

Last good tip someone gave you:

$2 at my last job.

Last time you were hungover:

Look at your watch.

Last time you took a photograph:


Last dream you had:

Yesterday + 2 weeks x 17 days= you could dream, too.

Last video part that stoked you out:

Neil Blender: Ohio Skate Out.

Last car you bought:

Why buy a car when I have a bike with no brakes?

Last time you suffered road rage:

4:00 a.m.-police car.

Last time you fell in love:

You mean sexual passion?