Last Words:Kris Markovich

Last time you left the U.S.: Last week, I went to London for a couple of days.

Last C.D. you bought: Oasis, The Master Plan.

Last album you listened to on a Walkman: Elliot Smith.

Last video you saw: The Birdhouse video The End.

Last movie you saw in the cinema: The Waterboy.

Last magazine you read: The new TransWorld.

Last book you read: Out Of The Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis.

Last time you were in a fight: I can’t remember ... a long time ago.

Last time an airline lost your luggage: Three weeks ago, coming back from Sweden.

Last tattoo you got: A flaming four-leaf clover. I got it for my birthday.

Last trick you landed: Backside tailslide fakie off this ledge over a gap onto another ledge.

Last time you slammed hard: Today, during a frontside noseslide on a ledge down a hill.

Last place in the world you want to go: Iraq.

Last time you prayed: This morning.

Last time you were lost: A couple nights ago in London.

Last TV show you saw: Charmed.

Last time you wanted to kill someone: A couple nights ago in London. I’m pretty sure I wanted to kill the techno DJ.

Last time someone wanted to kill you: On Halloween in NYC.

Last time you saw God: Yesterday when I watched the nature channel.

Last board graphic you designed: It’s been a long time; I don’t do board graphics anymore.

Last person you street skated with: Charlie Thomas. He rips.

Last time you were inspired: At dinner tonight when I hung out with Susan.

Last painting/drawing you did: Today I drew some stuff on my skateboard.

What’s the last thing you bought: Susan’s and my dinner.

Last bone you broke: My left wrist to go with my broken right wrist.

Last thing that changed your life: Meeting Susan.