Look-Alikes: Robert Boyce tells Sean Mortimer why everyone calls him Sluggo.

Some kid who was considered the best local skater at the time saw me at Seylyn Skateboard Park when I was fifteen. I wasn’t dressed like a skater; I was wearing boat shoes and my hair was all spikey, and he said, “You look like that Sluggo kid in the Nancy comics.” I thought I was going to beat him up. But he was friends with all the older, better skaters, so I didn’t fight him.

Immediately after he said that, everyone started calling me Sluggo. I was so bummed. Now, everybody calls me Sluggo. Kids don’t know even my real name. I just got my Canadian Actor’s Guild card, and it said “Sluggo” on it instead of my real name. When I do a TV show, I get put in the credits as Sluggo.