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Lance Mountain, push grind. Los Angeles, CA. Photo: Anthony Acosta

Louie Lopez, backside lipslide shove-it out. Los Angeles, CA. Photos: Anthony Acosta

John Shanahan, pole jam. Philadelphia, PA. Photo: Liam Annis

Christian Maalouf, frontside half-Cab flip. Los Angeles, CA. Photo: Anthony Acosta

Alexis Ramirez, frontside tailbone. Biarritz, France. Photo: Gaston Francisco

Tod Swank Push Contact Sheet. Del Mar, CA. 1987. Photos: Grant Brittain

Franky Villani, No-comply fakie five-0 revert to forward. Barcelona, Spain. Photo: Oliver Barton

Cam Sedlick, backside 50-50. Los Angeles, CA. Photo: Ryan Allan