TransWorld SKATEboarding

Volume 21 Number 9

file: Mark Appleyard Intro

If someone were only to be remembered for one thing after their skateboarding career was said and done, Mark Appleyard's memory would be one of someone who possessed great style. The way Mark finesses his skateboard looks completely natural–it's like he was born into this world only to ride his skateboard. As corny as that may sound, to have a simple casualness in today's high-caliber face-in-the-dirt skateboarding world is quite an amazing feat in itself.

     Voted Street Skater Of The Year by his professional colleagues in this year's TWS Riders' Poll, the Appleyard Pro Spotlight has been a long time comin'. Geoff Rowley dug a few layers under Mark's epidermis to see what exactly makes this Canadian-born victim of madness tick.