Mark Appleyard

Interview by Shad

Hey, is Mark over there right now?

George Nagai (Shorty’s team manager): He’s on the turntables right now. He’s just learning about it right now. So you can ask him all sorts of DJ questions, and he won’t know anything.

He wants to be a DJ, though?

George Nagai: Nah. He told me this last night, if it doesn’t have to with skateboarding he doesn’t know much about it. Okay, let me introduce you to this kid …

Mark steps to the mic: Hello?

Hey, Is this DJ Appleyard?

Laughs What’s up?

Not much, we need to interview you for the am issue.

Oh, okay.

I guess we should get this straight then, who are you sponsored by?

Uh, actually does that question have to be asked because I’m kind of in the mix with things right now.

Oh yeah, we have to put you on the spot.

Ahh, man.

So who’s your board sponsor?

I’m actually not sure.

It’s still up in the air, then?


So who are your other sponsors?

Circa shoes, Alphanumeric clothes, Darkstar wheels, Thunder trucks.

You’re from Toronto?

Yeah, Toronto, Canada.

How’s the scene up there?

It’s Good. Toronto is like, for cities it’s the best.

Seems like there’s a lot of good skaters up there.

Yeah, there is. It sucks though because it gets cold for half of the year.

Have you ever had any incidents with the police? I heard the police up there get kind of crazy sometimes.

One time when I was like twelve we were skating this bank thing and my friend was yelling at the security guard ’cause he was trying to kick us out and everyone was running away, except for me because I couldn’t run fast. So I got caught. They put me in the police station for like six hours until my parents got home.

So they caught you. Ummmm, do you think before someone turns pro they should come out with an amazing video part or something?

Yeah, definitely. People need to know you as an amateur first.

What ams do you think are going to come up?

Anthony Poppalardo, Brian Wenning, and Colt Cannon.

What do you think is more important for skateboarding, being able to do a bunch of tricks or having good style?

It’s both. You got to have good style and a bag of tricks.

Do you think you’re going to move out to California?

Yeah, for sure. The weather is better and the coverage is easier to get out here.

Do you think you’ll ever turn pro?

I want to, I don’t know if I will, but I’m trying.

Hey, I saw that sequence of the heelflip shuv over the rail.

How did that look?

It looked sick, how many tries did that take you?

It took me like ten tries.

That’s pretty quick. All right, I think that’s enough. I guess we just need to find out who you’re riding for.

Laughs Yeah.