Mark Gonzales Interview

Mark GonzalesThere are certain people whom words don’t do justice, and Mark Gonzales is one of them. For the last fifteen years he’s made skateboarding seem fun without making it look silly. His video part in Blind’s Video Days, will simply never be equaled. His only apparent flaw is his atrocious spelling, but when words can’t describe someone as phenomenal as The Gonz, does spelling really matter anyway?What’s been your favorite year in skateboarding?It all seems like one year, so I don’t know. I don’t see it in years, really.Who’s been your biggest inspiration in skateboarding?Skateboards have been my biggest inspiration. And when I was really, really small, I liked Larry Bertleman. I liked the way he surfed. In all those photos, you know, how low he was and stuff. I liked the Town & Country logo, too. I used to get confused, though¿I didn’t know if it was the Pepsi logo, the Town & Country logo, or the Coke logo, because they all have the …Yin and yang …Yeah, that thing. You know, the swoop. I was really inspired by Tony Alva, too.What’s the stupidest trend you’ve seen skateboarding go through?Maybe streetplants, but I don’t think anything is stupid, it’s all for a reason.How come streetplants?’Cause I broke my fingers doing one. The board landed on my fingers and busted four of them. I think that’s a good enough reason to not like the trend laughter.What do you think your biggest contribution has been to skateboarding? I don’t know what my biggest contribution would be.Describe the current state of skateboarding¿what you see going on.It’s kind of how it always is. It’s unpredictable, and it goes whichever way it feels. I mean, people who do it dictate where it’s going, and I think one of the best things about it is that it’s hard to predict.Do you have any predictions for skateboarding’s future?I want to see something extravagant. I was pretty excited to see what’s-his-name pull the 900. Wasn’t that the first one ever done?Yeah.I was excited. I didn’t see it, but I heard about it.What would be something extravagant for the future?I think fast skating through traffic. That’s what I like. You have to be careful, though. When you’re skating fast through traffic, you think you’re just watching for cars and stuff, but if your wheels get caught on a bump or you get shot out, you could get pitched into a car and not be able to do nothin’ about it.