Mike Vallely is wired.

You can’t see motivation.

A hundred years from now, Mike Vallely will be viewed as one of skateboarding’s pioneers. He’ll be remembered as a burly, glue-footed, hella-pop artist. An ATV ruler, a poet, and a fighter’s fighter. An iconoclast among icons.

Our kids’ kids–who will, of course, be skateboarders–will listen in silent amazement to the stories of skateboarding’s early days. They’ll look at old pictures of Mike V. skating and wonder, “How did he do all that back then?” They will not be able to see the answer.

The answer is motivation.

It’s what got Vallely here. Motivation got him past the headaches caused from squinting to see in skateboarding’s mid-80s limelight. It led him through World Industries’ take-mo'-prisoners vert-cleansing holocaust. Motivation kept Mike running–through a handful of sponsorships, through a couple fuel-burning startups, and through his scribblings, turned poetry, turned writing, as he jotted as many thoughts as he could into his self-published books.

And now the circle is complete–may it be unbroken.

Mike Vallely’s Web site is up and running, providing information, facts, and figures about skateboarding’s favorite diehard, including sponsors, news, links, and a nice from-day-one biography–sort of a perpetual-motion machine that produces energy the harder it labors.

Motivation is the hand you can not see, the hand that built the machine–www.mikevallely.com.