Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota Billy Kahn moves to Minneapolis, Minnesota in search of change and discovers paradise.

I spent the first month of my residency in Minneapolis, Minnesota sessioning by myself around the Saint Anthony neighborhood on the river front. I arrived in the city knowing no one, except for my roommate Cori, who’s also from Indiana. So familiarizing certain facts and strives took a lot of time and energy, as opposed to being “shown around.” I made my way to local skateboard shops and was comforted by everyone’s kindness and willingness to communicate. I rode out into each new day in search of other inhabitants to thrash with, as well as a desire to envelop myself in the architectural wonders I now call paradise.

Life, as I know it here in Minneapolis, I owe almost entirely to one cold April day, my horrible sense of direction, and a kind soul. I was skateboarding home and accidently passed my usual turn. Upon realizing I’d gone too far, I tried to correct myself, but still ended up on the wrong street. Standing there, lost and confused, I noticed two figures walking toward me. One of them, a guy named Matt, introduced himself to me. After a few minutes of acquainting ourselves, I found out that Matt was also from Indiana, he skateboarded too, and what was even more amazing, he lived in the same apartment building as me. Our friendship was instantaneous and common points of interest were plenty. From that joining I gained all of my friends and opportunities.

Around the time I met Matt, the city was attracting me more and more. Every morning, I would come out fighting with my two feet and four wheels, which led the way. Friends increased daily as the climate changed from blankets of snow to a dry web of concrete and steel. I was falling in love with my surroundings.

One thing I immediately noticed in Minneapolis is that skateboarding as a whole is motivated by the individuality of every rider. We all thrive on witnessing the way another person desires skateboarding and life–to understand their attempts, their progression, their pain, their happiness. I extend my pride and myself to all aspects of skateboarding in Minneapolis, which in turn, plugs me into the entire existence of skateboarding everywhere. Skateboarding exists. Purely. It always will with the help from you and me, on the streets, on the coping, and on all of the crud the “outside” world tosses aside. We will share it together and skate it together, to keep clear of separations, competitions, and to break free from societal expectations. There can be no waiting around for any handouts. So go ride your skateboard, however you want to. It is your skateboard; it is your life. We are all guardians. A Guide To Skating In Minneapolis.

The city offers terrain around every corner. Streets run through downtown, which is expanding and continually changing with many new structures. Just start pushing and discovering. University Avenue delivers you to the campus area that provides many skating spots. Uptown offers as many potentials. The warehouse district allows you to build your own spots out of loading-dock debris, and the Third Lair indoor facility houses a vert ramp, a kidney bowl, and a lot of street-oriented obstacles. A local company called True Ride offers a portable street course park that moves from location to location every month.

When continuing on after a heated session, there are many other features in Minneapolis to enjoy–vast lakes to swim in and many activity-filled parks. The geographical location of the city offers a challenge because the wintertime limits outside skating. My admiration flows infinitely for those who survive those months year in and year out. The dedication is obvious and never goes unnoticed! Brainfloss Todd Bratrud is a talented artist and skateboarder who’s loyal to his hometown of Minneapolis.



Eliminate fine lines

To separate and decipher

Have nothing to imprress

Truth warms us

No attention to false matters

Time is our dream




Help me float

I sail

Consistent shores

No artificial emotion

Pure energy

Clean hope

Swelling heart

Beyond awaiting

Understood sessions

Cross-filled faith

Beyond awaiting

Understood sessions

Cross filled faith

Passed discovering Todd

Built this fact of forever



A fire we set

Keep moving

Come out fighting

I will not let go–Billy Kahn Minneapolis at night. There is no vampire attraction to the night skating in Minneapolis. There isn’t a bloodthirsty beckoning for the chilled pavement once the moon rises up. The nightfall brings only a calming sense to sessions that will happen regardless of the time of day. The nights are cool and refreshing, and the city stands out like cold nipples. With less traffic on the streets, cops are easier to spot from a block away. Although most pigs are very strict on the laws against skateboarding, they tend to mind their own business if you carry your board as if you were only walking. Go out at 10:00 p.m. or later and session all night, or all morning. The city is your own park. Almost everything is well lit, and there are tons of spots with combinations of any size–marble ledges, banks, stairs, hips, handrails, you name it. Nighttime is the best time for riding with the least hassle at the most spots.–Seth McCallum