Must Haves

One of our interns wrote his senior thesis on the correlation between skateboarding and the afterlife, but that’s really too in-depth to touch on here. We just know that no matter which trends come and go in skateboarding, the scary, evil, skull-ridden, and blood-splattered theme will always have a home on the bottom of a skateboard.

A. Rick Howard Rickkles 4 by GIRL-7.87 x 31.375
B. Brian Sumner Good/Evil by BIRDHOUSE-7.75 x 31.75
C. Chad Knight by 1031-8.25 x 32
D. Peter Hewitt Woodcut Glow by ANTIHERO-8.0625 x 32
E. Paul Rodriguez Calavera by PLAN B-7.5 x 31.375
F. Guillotine PowerLyte by SANTA CRUZ-8 x 31.7
G. Geoff Rowley Motà®rhead Darkside Division-7.75 x 31.63

Right Page
H. James Brockman Wolf Spider by ZERO-7.875 x 31.75
I. Darren Navarette Tales Of The Creature (glow in the dark) by CREATURE-8.25 x 32
J. Corey Duffel Creep by FOUNDATION-8 x 31.75
K. Zombie Monster by TOY MACHINE-7.5 x 31.5
L. Duane Peters Drowning by BLACK LABEL EMERGENCY-8 x 31.75
M. Ripper by POWELL CLASSIC-10 X 31.75
N. Brent Atchley Dark Room (Helium technology) by ELEMENT-7.5 x 31.5
O. Natsume The Killer by HOOK-UPS-7.63 x 31.63

Tattooing a company logo on yourself may be the ultimate pledge of allegiance to your favorite skateboard company, but some of us just aren’t ready for that-yet. Luckily, nearly every skate company makes something completely skate-unrelated to incorporate into your everyday life. Because you don’t already think about skateboarding all day, every day, or anything like that.

Clockwise from top left:
License plate frame by BLACK LABEL; Shoulder board bag by êS; Coozies by MATIX and ROYAL; Ski mask by ANTIHERO; Radio by CHOCOLATE; Alarm clock by INDEPENDENT; Keychain watch by NIXON; Dominos by AMBIGUOUS; Slipmats by C1RCA; Playing cards by FOURSTAR and SPITFIRE; Bones Brigade soundtrack, Jaw-Bone, Tail-Bone, and Rib-Bones by POWELL PERALTA; Light-switch cover by CHOCOLATE; Shoelace bling by C1RCA; Guitar picks by FLIP; Buttons by LAKAI; Bottle openers by BAKER and BILLABONG; PSP case by ETNIES; Bandana by INDEPENDENT; Flask by ANTIHERO; Belt by NIKE SB; Belt buckles by INDEPENDENT, KR3W, AMBIGUOUS, and C1RCA; Mouse pad by GIRL; Sunglasses by KR3W; Zippo by HOOK-UPS; Dice by SPITFIRE.