Mystic Skate Cup 2000

Prague, Czech RepublicJune 30¿July 2, 2000

Prague is an amazing place. The capital of the Czech Republic, it’s the intersection of contrasting worlds: medieval, modern, communist, and capitalist. The city skyline is punctuated with gothic church steeples and ornate green domes, as well as angular modern buildings. The populace is a mix of Eastern Europeans, American immigrants, and tourists from all over the world. Due to a surplus of cobblestones, street skating is a bit of a non-event, but there are still some quality spots.

Every year, Prague is home to a World Cup skating event called the Mystic Cup. The local park is repaired, a temporary roof is thrown over the top, and whilst the world’s best skate their asses off, the crowd parties for three consecutive days. The vibe at this contest is way mellower than any other I’ve experienced. This year the Brazilians dominated the practice sessions¿I was surprised to see that they didn’t place more prominently.¿Morgan Campbell


Street1. Tobias Albert, Germany $5,0002. Chris Senn, U.S.A. $2,5003. Rick McCrank, Canada $1,0004. Fabiano Bianchin, Brazil $7005. Chet Childress, U.S.A. $5006. Mike Peterson, U.S.A. $4007. Ryan Johnson, U.S.A. $3508. Nilton Neves, Brazil $2509. Christian Brox, U.S.A. $17510. Carlos de Andrade, Brazil $125

Vert1. Bob Burnquist, Brazil $5,000 2. Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Canada $2,5003. Cristiano Mateus, Brazil $1,0004. Buster Halterman, U.S.A. $7005. Brian Patch, U.S.A. $5006. Max Schaaf, U.S.A. $4007. Mike Crum, U.S.A. $3508. Rune Glifberg, Denmark $2509. Sandro Dias, Brazil $17510. Terence Bougdour $125