NC Clothing Road Trip

NC Clothing Road Trip

by Adrian Nyman

Gershon and I spoke about going up to the Bay Area for a few days, and the next thing you know, we’ve got a photographer (Seu Trinh), a filmer (Heath from Logic), and half the NC Clothing team piled into a black Suburban heading up to Northern California.

On the drive up, Gershon said he wanted to skate some flatbars he’d seen a long time ago in the middle of nowhere. After a few stops we found the spot. James Craig and Gershon filmed and shot some photos, and we were back on the road.

In San Jose that night, Alex and Mike of NC put together a party at a warehouse in downtown San Jose. So after getting a room, we headed out to the party. The party was definitely going on. There was a street course in one room, with skaters from Crazy Eddie to Marc Johnson skating, and in the other room the Finger Banger DJ Crew were turning it out for the crowd. Things were going great until Noah, the owner of the warehouse, saw a broken bottle on the ground and freaked. He picked up the bottle, indiscriminately threw it across the room, and hit a girl in the forehead with it. Needless to say, the party ended, and Alex took the girl to the hospital to get fourteen stitches in her head.

The next day we woke up ready to skate around S.J., only to find wet streets and gray skies (winter sucks). We made the best of it, finding a nice dry block at the arena, but like all good things that come to an end, so did our session with the help of security. After that we rolled to The Wave, a bank under an overpass. Everyone destroyed the spot in their own way. Paul Sharpe did huge nollie kickflips, James got down with nollie hardflips, and Gershon just did everything in the book holding true to form. We decided to stay in S.J. one more night, hoping the weather would clear.

The next day we were lucky, with partly cloudy skies but dry streets. We made some phone calls, hooked up with Marc Johnson, and skated some pretty fun spots. Marc backside tailslid this block, and we joked that his style was so smooth it looked like he could take a nap while sliding¿he looked so relaxed! After that spot we decided to cruise up to San Francisco.

After getting a room in S.F., we called some friends and rolled out to a club called Storyville, where we were entertained with wonderful hip-hop music and mind-altering beverages. We closed the club down and got back to the hotel around three in the morning. We awoke in the morning blessed with sunshine and cursed with the effects of the night before. This was the last day of the trip, so we were super stoked to get clear skies in S.F..

We skated around the Mission District and got some good stuff. Then we rolled out to the New Spot, where there was already quite a session going on. I saw my friend Mark there. He told me he met the woman who designed the spot, and she was super bummed on skaters messing up her urban landscape masterpieces. Mark explained to her that in reality she’d unintentionally made a masterpiece for skaters, and they were finding more happiness in her creation than any random person would just sitting around in it. After this the woman left happy about the outcome of her design and its use. I think Mark should tour the country talking to city planners, landscape designers, and architects about designing urban landscapes with skaters in mind, so they can appreciate that the skater will always derive more pleasure than the average pedestrian from a well-planned cityscape (wishful thinking).

Anyway, Paul Sharpe nollied over a rail and ollied over a gap of garbage. It was funny because we got to the spot, and Paul said, “I don’t think I have anything for this spot.” Then I looked over and he was killing it¿Paul’s a natural. As for Gershon and James, they threw down sick lines until they were satisfied. Then we said our good-byes and headed back to San Jose to drop off Paul and drive home to Los Angeles.

Around midnight we stoppped at a truck stop for gas and whatnot, and what do ya know, Gershon and James got out and filmed on a gap in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere. After they were done, we drove the rest of the way home and arrived around three in the morning.

Our trip was probably no different than many skate trips you might’ve taken. It was all about skating with your friends and having a good time. That’s exactly what we did¿no attitudes or lame agendas to fill, just skating for the fun of it.