New Blood

Words by Jamie Thomas

Since Zero started in 1996, there’ve been several generations of teamriders. Nonetheless, Zero continues to persevere and reinvent itself as a company and as a team of working-class skateboarders.

While every successful company has certain dynamics that contribute to its success, Zero has a team of misfits who each play a unique role in making Zero what it is. This article features the cast of the new Zero video. We introduce you to Zero’s “New Blood.”

Chris Cole

22 Years Old

Levitown, Pennsylvania

In order to stay removed from the somewhat tainted California scene, Chris Cole continues to live in Pennsylvania. His life there is filled with inside jokes and nonstop binges of music, skateboarding, and foosball. The Hot Wax crew is really tight, and they usually film each other, so we find ourselves feeling lucky to get Cole in front of the lens every once in a while. Cole’s skateboarding ability is unparalleled-he can crank out tricks and destroy demos unlike anyone you’ve ever seen. Witnessing Cole in action was best described by an anonymous pro skateboarder: “When Chris Cole skates, he melts people’s faces.”

Jon Allie

23 Years Old

Vista, California

Jon Allie lives his life precisely the way he wants, there’s a science to everything. His methodical approach and hypersensitivity to the way things feel give him an understanding that few can tap into. Every trick has a formula, while every board and pair of shoes has a flaw that he has to come to terms with. His skateboarding is so calculated that he knows how it works down to the smallest variable. When everything feels right, he can do anything he wants on a skateboard.

Tommy Sandoval

19 Years Old

Chula Vista, California

Tommy has quickly made a name for himself with his crazy tattoos and relentless determination to push himself. The team has made it their goal to keep him humble by way of constant teasing. Tommy responds well to it, though, and takes it in stride. He’s grown from a young kid starving for the spotlight to a considerate team player. Tommy continues to progress at an unfathomable rate. There’s no doubt that if he stays on this path, he’ll be pro in record time.

Garrett Hill

17 Years Old

Granada Hills, California

Garrett’s noncombative personality quickly earned him the roll as the most picked on. He’s a teen giant who moves much slower than the average person-these qualities are the foundation for everyone’s abuse. While Garrett’s easygoing attitude contributes to his smooth skateboard style, it also allows him to live in the moment and appreciate what’s happening around him, which is something to be envied.

Tony Cervantes

15 Years Old

Whittier, California

Tony’s consistently an inconsistent individual. His sporadic and ridiculous outbursts are a source of nonstop comedy, and his spontaneous and fantastically original skate style leaves anyone watching in constant disbelief. Tony’s been on the Zero flow team for over a year and is guaranteed to be a standout in the new video.

Sheldon Meleshinski

19 Years Old

Vancouver, Canada

Sheldon’s obviously unique due to the fact that he only has one eye. When Sheldon was young, doctors discovered that he had cancer in his left eye. If his eye had not been removed immediately, there’s a high probability that the cancer would’ve spread to his brain and most likely killed him.

By adapting, Sheldon has negotiated his circumstances so that they work very well for him. The fact that he wears an eye patch is just icing on the cake, as his skateboarding speaks for itself.

James Brockman

21 Years Old

El Cajon, California

When I first met James, it was seemingly impossible to get more than two words out of him. As he got more comfortable with his surroundings, hispolitically uncorrect sarcastic remarks seemed to flow like wine. James is a spontaneous person with very little hesitation. When he decides something’s a good idea, he’s doing it within seconds. Whether it’s stabbing a fork in his leg, hanging off a twenty-story balcony, or charging a big rail, James doesn’t ever think twice. You’re never sure what he’s going to say or do next, which makes him a fun, yet sketchy person to be around.

John Rattray

27 Years Old

Aberdeen, Scotland/Encinitas, California

Growing up in Scotland with rougher-than-average skating conditions, John has inherited an amazing ability to adapt to his surroundings. Even though he’s been plagued with injuries for the past two years, he’s been able to negotiate the time on his board in order to put together a very unique and interesting video part. It’s safe to say that John’s creative skate style and ability to shred any terrain is inspiring to everyone on the team.

Jamie Thomas

30 Years Old

Encinitas, California

Skateboarding used to be a structured part of my life. But after all the injuries and my newfound responsibilities, I’m thankful to just be riding my skateboard. In videos past, I’d lay awake at night thinking of how I could orchestrate my footage in order to create my idea of the perfect video part. Over time, I feel I’ve surrendered to a certain degree in order to enjoy skateboarding for what it is.