Andrew Wilson, nosegrind tailgrab. Grand Rapids, MI. Photo: Brian Blakely

DURING THE LATTER WEEKS OF MAY funneling into June, we here at TWS alongside Nike SB sent 500 dollars and some tools to 14 skate shop crews across the country and tasked them to build and/or add to an existing DIY spot in their local community. Armed with the gift card and whatever else they could conjure up, each crew dispersed to their local slabs and got busy. About three weeks later the edits were coming in and we were all pretty stoked to see the end results. These dudes had all accomplished a lot in what really was a short amount of time. Concrete does have to dry after all.

Grand Rapids build. Photo: Blakely

Andrew Wilson ollies some boobs. Clemente DIY. Grand Rapids, MI. Photo: Blakely

Alley lurkers at Premier before heading to the Clemente DIY. Grand Rapids, MI.

Alternate angle of Andrew Wilson’s nosegrind tailgrab. Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Antonio Durao, nollie backside heelflip. Clemente DIY. Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Premier Skate Shop | Grand Rapids, Michigan (@premierskate)

The top two shops with the best edit and spot—which were voted on by the TWS audience—would then get a visit from Nike SB riders and some of the Transworld staff to visit the spot for a little documenting and skateboarding. Our video production manager, Joe Pease and myself went along for the ride, joining us in Grand Rapids, Michigan, were Antonio Durao and Andrew Wilson; in Asheville, North Carolina we had Nick Boserio and Bobby Worrest.

The Asheville slab.

There were a few unfortunate hiccups right before the edits were about to be released, which is information that we can save for a later time. All I'll say is that I sure do hate those dumb little "news reporters" out there making nothing into something. But besides that, the "contest" (if you even want to call it that) ran as smooth as possible. After the audience vote had been tallied, Premier from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Push from Asheville, North Carolina were the two winning shops and received an additional 1,000 dollars to contribute even more to their foundation spots. Huge shout out to Mike, Chris, Josh and Braydon from Premier and Eric, Rob and the whole Asheville crew from Push for being so accommodating and showing us all a great time—at the spots, in the cities and at the bars. You can bet that our asses will be back on those slabs sooner than later.

Asheville Foundation locals. Photo: Blakely

Push Skate Shop | Asheville, North Carolina (@pushskateshop)

Nick Boserio, barefoot five-O. Asheville, NC. Photo: Joe Pease

Nick Boserio, slappy 50-50. Asheville, North Carolina. Photo: Blakely

God bless American DIYs!

Justin Fyle, nosebluntslide. @foundationasheville! Photo: Blakely

Boserio and Joe Pease hard at work in Asheville.

@nickboserio 👈🏻

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It’s all about the details. Half quarter pipe, half BBQ. Asheville rips!

Our view after the Asheville sesh. Post beers, pre-storm.

Rob is the man in charge at Push skate shop. Back Smith. Asheville, NC.

Nike SB’s Tufty and Asheville foundation local, Luke Broussard.

Nike SB (and North Cacka’s finest) @boblems stacking up for that fire Insta edit.

Grill + Quarterpipe combo! Thumbs up.


Portobellos on deck player!

Business @boblems.

Tufty manning the grill. He’s a vegan but he can grill up a mean steak!

Eric! Our host in Asheville, one of the fine men working at Push skate shop, and a straight fucking ripper! You rule, Eric.

Back to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Foundation locals.

Andrew Wilson, wallride shove-it. Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The Clemente DIY locals all rip. So does Grand Rapids, Michigan.

@braydonk (aka Braydon Kavanagh) is one of the main builders at the Clemente DIY in Grand Rapids, MI. He’s got a mean ass Smith grind too.

Thanks again to Premier and Push for showing us such a great time at both spots! Can’t wait to get back out to each of them.

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