NY Skate Jam 2002

NYC Skate Jam.
Whaaaat?! You should’ve seen all of the heads who showed up on the fourteenth of July for the skate jam, kid. Whose bright idea was it, and how did it all go down? Well, local accounts have it transpiring something like this: This kid named Kerel Roach was chillin’ in la-la land one fine day when he started fantasizing about what it’d be like if hundreds of people got together to skate all of NYC’s dopest spots.

A sly smile graced his face, and he came back to reality. He looked at everyone in the room and was like, “Whaaaat?!” When he told the others of his idea they were all like, “Whaaat?!” So Kerel called up Brian at metrospective.com, and he was like “Whaaaat?!” They made flyers and advertised it on their Web site. When all of the skaters around the world heard about the plans, they were like, “Whaaat?!”

When the actual day came, over 200 skaters showed up at the Veteran’s Memorial in downtown Manhattan-everyone was like, “Whaaaat?!” Some little kid named Ryan threw himself down the Brooklyn Banks steps on Mike Wright’s board, and the crowd roared, “Whaaaat?!” They skated all day at various spots and the cops and security guards were just like, “Whaaat?!”

Rodney Torres told me that he was skating down Avenue B, and when he looked down Third Street he saw a huge herd of skaters plowing down Avenue A, and was all, “Whaaaat?!” Then they all arrived at Thompkins Square Park, and the dumb baseball jocks were all like, “Whaaat?!” Brian Brown was like, “Whaaat?!” Geo Moya was like, “Whaaat?!” 5Boro let out a collective, “Whaaaat?!” A.B.C. was all, “Whaaat?!”

Some DJ from one of New York’s biggest radio stations said on the air that when he was driving to the station that day, he saw all of these skateboarders and was like, “Whaaat?!” When I sent this piece to TransWorld SKATEboarding’s Managing Editor Eric, he was like, “Whaaaat?!” Right now, you’re probably sitting there trying your best to decipher this story. You’re looking at the photo of the Suskanabitch like, “WHAAAAAAT?!”-Andy Seifert