Olsen Brainfloss

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been into making stuff. Whether it was drawings, forts, or little jump ramps, I’ve always loved it. The two things that have consumed my constructive drive in the past 23 years have been art and skateboarding. Without skateboarding, I wouldn’t have the motivation to make stuff. Many people I have met in skateboarding have inspired me with their creativity. If I didn’t have friends like John Old, Marc Johnson, Joe Brook, Lance Mountain, Jerry Hsu, Dave Metty, and Ray Barbee, I wouldn’t want to be an “artist.” Their photos, music, art, and skateboarding make me happy and push me to want to create things. I’m stoked that I am able to work and make a living as an artist in skateboarding. I enjoy creating photos, graphic designs, paintings, and pretty much anything that involves art. I know that I will always make crappy paintings, and take blurry photos, and continue to lose tricks that I could do every try in high school, but as long as I can pick up my skateboard and push down the street, I will be happy and continue to skate and create.¿Erik Olsen