On Fire; Brandon Biebel

TransWorld SKATEboarding

Volume 21 Number 8

file: On Fire Biebel

On Fire–Brandon Biebel

Interview by A.S.

All right, first and foremost. I haven't seen Yeah Right! yet, but sources tell me that you got a dunk in there. Is that some Ty Evans smoke-and-mirrors trick camera work, or do you got it like that?

That's the real deal. I got bounce, homie.

You got any other dunks?

I mean, I got the two-hand and I got the one-hand–that's about it. It's tall and I'm nearly six foot, so I can't really shake it up and get jiggy with it yet.

What's a typical day in Sacramento like for you? You know, when you first open your eyes in the morning all the way until you close them at dark.

Shoot, I usually wake up in the morning and do responsibilities–whatever, if it's runnin' errands, payin' bills, doin' laundry, or pickin' up shit around the house. If I'm feelin' like skatin', I'll go skate. If I feel like hoopin', then I'm hoopin'. I just moved into this fatass new house and I got a full-court basketball hoop and a workout gym–shit like that. I've just been playin' a lot of hoop and skatin', nahmean? And when nighttime comes around, I'll usually round up my boys, hit up a bar, get our drink on, and shoot pool. Then we call it a night.

What's your NBA prediction for this year? Who's gonna be in the finals?

In the East, I'm gonna say either Detroit or New Jersey, but I hope it's Philly and New Jersey. And in the West, I'm pickin' Sacramento, of course. This is my year. If we don't make it … not the Lakers, you know what I mean? I'm a Laker hater, that's all it comes down to. I mean, the Kings are fun to watch–you don't even need to be a Sacramento fan. If you like basketball, they're a fun team to watch.

Didn't you offer some kind of dating advice on crailtap.com?

Yeah, some kid wrote a letter to Mike Carroll basically askin' about how to get with a female. Carroll called me up to answer the question, and I just answered it the best I could.

Do you have any advice for guys out there who are havin' problems with the ladies?

I mean, {laughs} I can't really speak for other people–I don't know. I personally don't have a problem with the females, but to the people that do–I can't really help you out, that's their bad {laughs}.

Who's on fire right now?

All right, I'm gonna give it to Paul Rodriguez, Rodrigo {Teixeira}, Stefan Janoski, and I'm gonna give it to Eric Koston. That man's hot at all times. That's all I got right now–those are my four heavy hitters.

What about on the NBA courts?

I'm going to give it to everybody on Sacramento–they play their hearts out. Kevin Garnett. I'm a Laker hater, but I'm gonna give it to Kobe Bryant–that kid can ball. Tracy McGrady, Allen Iverson. Those are my four heavy hitters–K.G., Allen I., Kobe, and T-Mac.

Musically, what's hot right now for you? What are you rockin'?

I'm on that 50 Cent shit right now, all his albums, the bootlegs–I'm feelin' that shit. I'm on that soft shit, too. I got all the R and B, I'm feelin' R. Kelly–feelin' all the fine-ass ladies. I'm feelin' Fabolous. Shit, what else do I got in the car right now? Nas and Jigga. You can't go wrong with Nas and Jigga. That's what I been bumpin' lately.

Now that you've got Yeah Right! out of the way, what's next for you?

I'm gonna kick Bill Weiss a lot of footage for Digital, and then after that, me and Stefan are tryin' to get this part for TransWorld. Stefan's wrapping up the Habitat video right now, and then once he's done, we gonna get on the ball.

This issue's pretty stacked with Sac heads. What do you think about that?

I mean, I like that a lot. I like that Sac's gettin' out there and finally being put on the map.

You want to throw anything else out there?

I want to give a little love to my crew–we call it T Street. It's like a big T Street family. It goes way back, it's a bunch of friends who grew up together and have been kickin' it strong for years now. When I say “T Street,” everyone who's affiliated with T Street knows who they are and what's up. I'll just give a shout out to my boys at T Street. That's my crew.