paradise found

five days in oahu, hawaii words and photos by ted newsome

Rob Carlyon was my main connection during my short stay on Oahu. He hooked me up with all his homies and showed me the sites. Pictured above is good ol’ Aala park. Aala is downtown and has been there since the 70s. Rob gets crooked and pops in forward. Smalls: Honolulu shoreline, North Shore sanctuary, and a Waimea Bay rock jump.

Match the captions to the photos and win some beef jerky. Roadside laziness. Vegetarian’s paradise. A big wooden head. Don’t F-around on the North Shore. An inactive volcano. Local video-guy Chad Hiyakumoto plays the lava game (the one where you can’t touch the floor ’cause it’s covered with hot lava) and frontside nosegrinds from ledge to ledge. A room with a view. Waiting for the waves to pick up. A fresh beverage. You have to carve meat to get to the milk. Get on the bus, Gus. Kenny Brimer five-Os a U of H dumpster. Musical chairs for light loafers. Miss Oahu herself, Jaime Reyes hangs loose mid-frontside nollie kickflip at Aala. A bridge over untroubled water. Handpainted warnings.

Training to take out Mums, Kyle Collins Smith grinds one of the digital rails on a cloudy afternoon. Dawn patrol. Pipeline. No drink. Pineapple fields forever. Drive the island. One of the best skateboarders in Oahu, Jerald Anzai, backside tailslides atop a brick wall at a small-person learning facility. Going to Oahu, Hawaii soon? Visit first.