Park Spotting: Fresno, California

Park Spotting: Fresno, California

Park Spotting

Fresno, California

Words by Rodent

Earlier in the year I went to Fresno, California with members of the Consolidated team to skate some street spots that weren’t blown out and to get our pool fix. On our way into town we talked to Alan Petersen, he said to meet at the skatepark and warm up. I didn’t know Fresno had a skatepark! After we received directions and found the place, I was shocked, the place is huge and lit until 10:00 p.m. Another hit on the long list of stuff to skate in this desolate town.

Overall the park is long and narrow, and with a huge drop-in ramp at the park’s entrance, it’s pretty easy to get lines going through the street course. Cruising over several pyramids and hips leads to a mini-ramp-style section with more hips and corners, which eventually waterfalls down into the nine-foot bowl. The main section of the street course is set down in the middle of the park. There’s other skateable stuff around the rim that creates options for the lower street part. The bump to ledge and the bump to rail are favorites of the kids. Oh yes, kids galore. Have your radar on for loads of kids who just started skating–usually they’re out of control.

If this park were in San Diego, California, the resident park attendant who enforces the pad rules would also be asking for money (e.g., Coronado), but because the park is in a poor part of town, you don’t have to pay anything. Because of the helmet rule, the park’s only worth cruising around for a little while on the way to some backyard pools, the Vagabond, or one of Fresno’s insane street spots. If you get lucky, you’ll see the Paez brothers or Ryan Johnson tear the place to shreds.Rodent