Park Spotting-Melbourne City Skatepark

Riverslide Skatepark

Melbourne, Australia

Where is it?

Alexandra Gardens in Melbourne, Australia.


The park’s located on Boathouse Drive in Alexandra Gardens. It’s a short skate from the Flinders Street station just to the left of the Queen’s bridge. Once you cross the bridge, follow the stairs to the left and skate along the side of the Yarra River. If you can’t get directions from a local, head to the Rod Laver Arena for the Globe World Cup contest and ask directions from there.

What’s in the park?

This 19,000-square-foot concrete park features plenty of streetstyle obstacles. There’s a huge funbox (too big to ollie over the table) with two rails and a Hubba that runs up, across, down. There’s a big hip in one corner opposite a smaller hip to keep the flow going around the park. At the other side of the park, there’re some quarterpipes to start from that flow toward varying ledges to grind or manual.


Sunup to sundown.

Does it have lights?

No lights.

What’s good about it?

Besides the snack bar that’s located adjacent to the park, it’s a great warm-up spot before heading out into Melbourne’s concrete jungle. The park caters to all levels from beginners to advanced.

What’s bad about it?

Like most other parks, when it gets crowded, the flow lines are limited.

What pros skate there?

During the Globe World Cup contest in February, lots of pros will stop by for a session or two.

Any admission fees?

It’s free.

Do you have to wear pads?

The choice is yours.

What about cops?

I don’t remember seeing any. I think in Australia cops worry about real crimes instead of harassing skaters having fun.

When does it get crowded?

Weekends and after school.

What are the chances of getting beat up?

None, unless you’re a complete dick!

One to ten rating.

A solid 6.5. It’d have a higher rating if the flow lines were better and maybe had some nice concrete bowl with pool coping to rip up.