Parkspotting Aspen Skatepark

Far from the sprawling metropolis known as Denver, high in the mountains called the Rockies, is a ski town named Aspen where lies a buttery-smooth skatepark. Slick concrete with metal coping (except on the vert extension where you’ll find concrete pool coping) and smooth transitions is what you’ll be riding on. Go, man, go. Ride fast, ride every inch.

Look out for the po-po ’cause they’ll come down on you if you’re not wearing a helmet. You don’t want a hundred-dollar ticket, do you? Enjoy the clean air. Laugh at the snobby rich folk passing by on their way to the spa ’cause they don’t understand how much fun you’re having. No BMXers-more goodness. Ride the clover bowl with the trogs. Create some seriously fun lines in a well laid-out park. It’s yours, get some.-Dave Swift