Pat Channita Good Stuff

by Jeremy Wray

Pat Channita is a Taurus. He can’t help it.

Because he was born under the sign of the bull, he was doomed to become powerful, successful, practical, dependable, consistent, determined, proud, quiet, stable, and strong. It is written that he will be inspired by art and music, and since Taurus is the sign of property and money, he has also been cursed with the fate of material power and wealth.

But before you think that everything is all too cozy in this wonderland, let me warn you that Taurus people have a tendency to get involved in violent situations. Like a bull quietly grazing in a pasture, he’s not looking to challenge anyone, but it would be a fatal mistake to provoke him.

Other famous Taureans: Sugar Ray Leonard, Jack Nicholson, and Al Pacino.