Paycheck – Eric Koston

Eric Koston Paycheck

The times, teams, and trends may change, but the éS Koston 1 is officially classic.

Originally launching with three gum-sole based colors in early 1997 (only the navy originally had an air bag), the K1 was Eric Koston’s first pro-model shoe. “It pretty much started with just a hand drawing from me. It was a weird cross between a volleyball-type European squash-looking shoe from that time and a hiking boot,” says Eric of his initial design.

“It was simple. At the time maybe my first shoe seemed a little tech, but as time passed, everything became more bells and whistles, air bags, straps, hooks, and screws, and it became simple as everyone else tried to progress (their shoe designs).”

Seven years, hundreds of colorways (not to mention subtle design changes like the recently added System G2 heel cushioning), and hundreds of thousands of pairs sold later, the Koston 1 is not just a classic but in most skateboarders’ top five skate shoes of all time. It’s notoriously become the shoe of choice for many pros “between” shoe sponsors, and for good reason: “They skate good right out of the box. And they’re reliable.”

And while Eric admits that each new Koston shoe released offers a different and heightened kind of fun for him, you can’t mess with what’s not broken: “It always falls back to that one.”Eric Stricker