Pepe Martinez: 3/11/73 – 9/26/03

Pepe Martinez 3/11/73—9/26/03

Pepe Martinez suffered a head injury two years ago. He learned earlier this year after having a stroke that his time was limited. Instead of burdening his loved ones and friends, he chose to deal with his own misfortune by himself. He was in pain but managed to embrace life to its fullest. Not afraid to leave this Earth, Pepe looked forward to what awaited him on the other side. He’s in a beautiful place looking over all of us.

Pepe is a legend. He was the inspiration for all upcoming skaters in the early 90s and beyond. If you were ever fortunate enough to talk to him or know him, then you know he had a huge heart and loved everyone. I’ve been a close friend of Pepe’s since 1985. We skated together every day all day for many years. His dream was to become a professional skateboarder. He became not only that, but was one of the most innovative and stylish skaters ever to grace Earth. His mark on skateboarding will never be forgotten. If you are a new skater and have never seen Pepe skate, please find a copy of an old Eastern Exposure or Element video and recognize.

The Martinez family has started the Pepe Martinez Skate Foundation that will help underprivileged kids get started in skateboarding. If you’d like to contribute, you can send donations to: Pepe Martinez Skate Foundation, P.O. Box 6121, Falls Church, Virginia 22041-6121. God bless Pepe and his family.—Chris Hall


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