Personal Profile – Danny Gonzales

Favorite Movies

American Beauty

The Doors

The Breakfast Club


Sid And Nancy

Futuristic Things

longer-lasting boards

more girls skating

more one-footed tricks

longer-lasting shoes

earthquake in San Francisco

Favorite Skateboarders

Tom Penny

Eric Koston

Brian Anderson

Elissa Steamer

Oggy Souza

Things I hate


being hurt

country music

cleaning the bathroom

being sick

Influential People

Bob Burnquist

Greg Chapman

Rodrigo Teixeira

Fabiola DaSilva

Chad Muska

Favorite Tricks

one-wheeled nose wheelies

kickflip melon grab

360 flip footplants

body varial tricks

ollies out of hips

All-Time Favorite Skate Videos

Blind Video Days

Plan B Questionable Video


Welcome To Hell

Tim & Henry’s Promo