Peter Smolik Interview

Peter Smolik Mad Steez. Tech. Creative. Best at what he does.

Millennium hype. Computers crashing. Food shortages. What do you think is going to happen on New Year’s Eve 1999? Computers might crash. But then again, they might find some way to prevent that from happening. It’s going to be way different because it’s the starting of the millennium. It’s going to be crazy. The psychos will come out.

Do you have anything planned for that night, or are you going to just see what happens? Hang out with real good homies.

Who do you think are the skaters in the 90s who made a big impact? Muska definitely. Mariano, McCrank, early Plan B, and the Questionable video was an inspiration. H-Street hooked it up before Plan B did, the Life video. Sheffey’s been influencing people, so crazy – rippin’ it up. That’s about it.

Do you know who Alan Gelfand is? Alan what?

Gelfand. Gelfand? Nah, I don’t know.

He invented the ollie. Yeah?

Yeah. Yeah.

How do you want to go down in skateboarding’s history? Inventor and innovator.

Who do you think is going to change skateboarding in the future? Billy Clubs, but we call him a.k.a. Diamond Dina.