Poetry In Motion

Welcome to Poetry In Motion. Here are some of the poems I’ve chosen¿it’s good to see skaters exercising their abilities both mentally and physically. These are some examples of how skaters relate to life. Send more poems to Poetry In Motion. Skate and live life.¿Kien Lieu

When Nothing Is Heard
I fade from words when nothing’s heard
to be like creation behind the words.
In moments of being I breathe with one life
a likeness of nature that travels toward light
It tries and tries and tries again
recycling mistakes that have no end
with more to lose in the struggle to gain
its ignorance toward reality misleads each day.
In nature examples reveal as is
embrace her emotions to truly let live.
Life and death will always be friends
the cycle of friendship, how life begins.
Through movement we see how spirits enlight
with motion the key, our being takes flight
we travel the world to find our place
experiencing a moment called the human race.
With much to learn and guidelines bent
we live through life with false intent.
Teachers are artists who show what they feel
revealing our cause, explaining things real.
Life is learned experiencing the arts
the process explains why things fall apart
put it together and then you shall see
when nothing is heard the spirit is freed.¿Kien

UntitledI treat pimpin’ like skateboardin’ ’cause I’m “turnin’ tricks”
rotatin’ two ways, just like 180 kickflips.
I pop it, I catch it, the landing stuck.
When I ollie I play like that animal that quacks and
“duck” ’cause you’ll be lookin’ at my Spitfires when I take flight.
I just might give new meaning to the word “wheelbite.”
I’m bustin’ over gaps, on handrails, benches, whateva,
any endeavor, rain or shine, any weather.
My dazzling repertoire will put kiddies in a trance,
your braggin’ about that frontside flip, but I just did it switch-stance.
Now all you Rollerbladers ain’t got no balls,
we support local skate shops, while you buy your crap at malls,
you’re always chasin’ but you can’t keep up, you should retire,
you’re the tail on that comet, while I’m the great ball of fire!¿Smooty

SkateboardingThe only religion I’ve studied has wheels, and the only savior I know is myself. Every day I’m forced to live with an insatiable hunger to fulfill my dreams. Skateboarding has always been a tool that brings us within a few pushes of our dreams. For what we experience in a few seconds others may never endure in a lifetime. Bombing hills at murderous speeds, deceiving death with a grin. We kindle a burning desire while reducing the streets to ashes.¿Darius Naderi

Dracula’s DaughterToday I felt secure in her pity. I felt as if there was no threat toward me. I felt immortal. I wonder what it will take to shatter my illusion. The fear of change is deep inside me. I am not prepared, or am I? Will this be my moment of clarity?

Are there options for me? Will this be my demise? Will I have to enter into another world? Will this be the end of us? I’m scared. The desire for revenge is gone within me, without the passion, I have nothing left. I will adapt. I must adapt.

I need nothing. I desire everything. Although we are the same, we live in two different worlds. These are the things I will never have. I know that I will drown in the “obviousness of the truth.” I am only human, although I desire to be much more.

Death has already reached me. I have allied with the devil. Satan and I got drunk, and we could not figure out what our objective was. He left the plans to me, and he went to sleep. I sit here with all the power of the universe. I’m hungry for desire.

I have seen war and I have seen ambivalence. “The ball is in my court” but I have no balls. I have witnessed greatness and wept at its innocence. Honor falls short to practicality. We use and are used. Glory is blind and humility is ambitious.

>I sit here while the storm rages around me¿I have hidden in order to survive. Am I waiting for my moment to flee or am I waiting for my moment to strike? If I slow down to recall the past, I will remember brotherhood that was betrayed. I will remember brotherhood that sold out to prosperity. I will love her until the day I die. But I know that love is greed. I know that selfishness is altruism. Righteousness meets wickedness.¿Alec Rodriguez