Pro Nearly Loses Arm

In mid November the Converse team was on tour in Mexico City when Felix Arguelles nearly severed his arm. While ollieing a balcony-to-balcony gap, Felix stretched to make the landing, lost his balance, and, in an attempt to stabilize himself as he fell, put his arm through a ten-foot-by-ten-foot plate-glass window. His momentum pulled him forward and jagged glass sliced open his arm.

“I could see straight through all the muscles and tendons in my forearm and hand,” Felix remembers.

Bleeding badly, Felix’s arm was wrapped in a T-shirt and the group frantically rushed to the nearest hospital. Though his hosts didn’t seem to know where the closest medical facilities were, luck smiled on them as they found a small military hospital, which are rumored to be the cleanest medical facilities in Mexico (a country not exactly famous for its cleanliness).

At first he was denied access, but after seeing Arguelles’ arm (by then fitted with a loosely attached tourniquet), base doctors decided to admit him. Once inside, Converse representatives convinced the staff to transfer Felix to the main military hospital for treatment.

Within the hour, an anesthesiologist was injecting an anesthetic into Felix’s neck (hey, we said clean not modern), the gaping wounds in Felix’s arm were cleaned and closed, and twenty hours later he walked out with 100 stitches and his right arm still connected.

A month later, the swelling has subsided and only a twisting scar marks the incident. “I thought my arm was going to be deformed,” Felix adds, “but now people see the scar and go, 'That’s it?